Imagine the huge spring migration of sea trout coming in from the Baltic? Imagine a gentle sea breeze, calm seas and a sunset that silences the moment?
As you perpare to cast, a distant splash sets the heart racing. The waves from the fish are within your range, you mark the spot and prepare to cast...

Fyn is situated perfectly in the silver torpedos path, which gives excellent chances to catch trout up to 10 kg / 20lb!
Fyn is the place where a dream can come true. A place to experience the true beauty of a fishing holiday to remember.

Fyn Fly Fishing School is the key to your success ensuring you will get in the thick of the action complimented with a fishing holiday to remember.

John Poulsen - FFFD Instructor.
Greetings from Denmark!

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Weekend course Dkr 995,- per person
Fyn Fly Fishing School - Middelfartvej 100 Båring - DK-5466 Asperup - Denmark
Tel. 0045 23422221 - Fax: 0045 64451617
Langeland Fly Fishing School